Nito Theological College

Our Motto: Cross For Crown


Nito Theological College exists to impart sound theological education to dedicated and committed leaders for church ministry as well as for church planting missions and even for Christian social services. Our ministerial journey aims in building a holistic mission with its emphasis on communal fellowship in every aspect toward building a holistic mission includes communal fellowship, worshipping, studying, playing and eating together. While our Baptist connections are extremely important to us, we are ecumenical in outlook and NTC with her unique nature of inclusiveness accept any dedicated and committed person. any willing disciple, which gives NTC her unique character of inclusiveness. NTC along with its emphasis on sound theological education also affirms the importance of sound practical activities. affirms and imparts that theological studies must not be only rigorous and in depth, but it must be full of practical enthusiasm and spiritually guided. Our Community ministries, practical evangelism and social services broaden and deepen our sensitivity to a wide variety within the world in which we are called to serve. NTC thus at its core of theological training seeks to enlighten each student in the areas for Academic competence, Spiritual development and Ministerial skill. Presently, NTC is accredited to Asian theological Association (ATA). Our utmost priority is to engage every one of our students in building very meaningful ministries in the most impactful and imaginable way. Having said this much, it is just a tiny iceberg to tickle your curiosity and magnetize your interest. If it can awaken in you, some passionate thoughts that you would want to find out more. You are heartily invited to come and visit our campus and spend time with us. Get to know us better.


In 2008, the college was registered by the Government of Nagaland Directorate of Higher Education bearing Regd. No. H/RS-5042 dt. 23/10/2008. The College is Accredited by Asian Theological Association (ATA). The college is also recognised by Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) in 2019.


NTC is the project of SBAK comprising of 147 churches and is its sole patron. The College solely depends upon the generosity of churches and individuals for its developmental works. Further it has its own Founding members (around 70 families) and sustaining members who continues to bear the yoke of NTC graciously. There are local churches and families who sponsor NTC Staff’s salaries and students’ fees.


NTC offers three different Academic programs:

Masters in divinity extension

Bachelor in Theology

Masters in Divinity


Geographically, the college is located in the Extreme North of Zunheboto Town in Nito Mount, the head Quarter of SBAK. The Campus is in the sloping terrain with Salient greenery and peaceful atmosphere away from the hustles of populace. It strives to give nothing less than excellence in training to those who come to be trained and bear the ‘Cross for Crown’.