diploma in holistic children ministry


A Ministry initiated by Nito Theological College

Affiliated to SBAK- Nito Mount

Globally, the concern and importance of children ministry have caught the attention of the global community today. Children ministry has become more of traditional Sunday school ministry focusing only on the spiritual aspect of child’s growth and other development are not brought into focus and has been neglected. The traditional approach needs a need outlook and to equip our children ministries with more vibrant and relevant holistic ministry for and with children. Therefore, Diploma in Holistic Children Ministry seeks to strife for a life in every children in the likeness of Jesus who as a child grew to maturity in stature, wisdom and found favor both in the sight of God and people (Luke 2: 52). And aims to develop children holistically by training and empowering those who have a heart for children and whose interest lies in the concerned areas of equipping children.

This program is targeted especially for those in ministry and engaged in tutoring children who are unable to come for full time residential study due to time constraint and work.


Diploma in Holistic Children Ministry is a project and vision of Nito Theological College which solely seeks to empower every adult and Churches in its ministry towards Children. Our vision and mission is to train, equip and nurture the Church leaders, child advocates, practitioners, teachers, care givers and trainees to care holistically for children inside and outside the Church, in our homes, in our schools, in our ministries and in our society.


Diploma in Holistic Children Ministry is a three months course where there will be one month intensive class in the campus as residential students. A student has to complete 15 credit hours on theory papers and 5 credit hours on field study, seminars and practical classes where assignment writings and report writings are mandatory as per the requirement. Students of this program will be prepared to teach, lead specialized ministries for children and to engage in the intensive study.


B.Th/ 12th Passed and above from any Recognized University


This program envisions equipping leaders and child caregivers with the ethos and values in preparing them for a holistic (a holistic approach treats the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of children) ministry with children. This program will emphasis on learning for life contexts where classroom interactions, ministerial field work, practical lessons and research works will be oriented towards various areas of ministries with children. And most importantly, Biblical foundations and implications to ministry will be grounded firmly.

Interested candidates/ churches may contact, the Coordinator of Holistic Children Ministry of Nito Theological College during office hours for forms and other necessary requirements or can send your queries at through mail at yeptholimi@gmail.com

For Further information and application form you may kindly contact or write to:

Mrs. Vilibo K. Yepthomi

Coordinator, HCM

Nito Theological College


Contact Number: 7085912011/ 8787399100