about college

our motto


This authoritative symbolic message of the “Cross for Crown” is a nostalgic reminder of the Latin phrase “in hoc Signo Vinces” meaning “By this sign, thou shall conquer”. This caption as a motto points to two distinct yet complimentary messages: Firstly, it connotes “Sacrificial” trading of ‘Crown’ for ‘Cross’ so as to be in step with Jesus Christ; secondly, it implies the powerful message that the only ‘Way’ to win the eternal ‘Crown’ is through the ‘Cross’. To everyone who steps into NTC, this powerful emblem serves as an aide memoire of the challenges, sacrifices and rewards ahead of them as they pledge their allegiance to HIM behind this power-packed symbolic phrase.

Registration & Affiliation

In 2008, the college was registered by the Government of Nagaland Directorate of Higher Education bearing Regd. No. H/RS-5042 dt. 23/10/2008. The College is Accredited by Asian Theological Association (ATA). The college is also recognised by Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) in 2019.

Our patron

NTC is the project of SBAK comprising of 147 churches and is its sole patron. The College solely depends upon the generosity of churches and individuals for its developmental works. Further it has its own Founding members (around 70 families) and sustaining members who continues to bear the yoke of NTC graciously. There are local churches and families who sponsor NTC Staff’s salaries and students’ fees.

Our mission

To evangelize the world, Our passion – to reach the unreached, Our concern – to win back lost Souls! Our urgency in reaching out – Wherever, Whenever and by all means! Come and see whether NTC is where you belong. We hope it is!

Aims & objectives

It is our utmost principle that each student walks out of NTC knowing the core of Christian mission i.e. – Soul Winning – both new souls and lost souls; that each student realizes that the ‘Church’ is the congregation, not the structural building; and that the spiritual health of the congregation is more important than the economic wealth of the church. The college seeks to achieve the following multi-dimensional aims and objectives:

  • To transform them into dedicated and committed disciples for the Lord’s Ministry.
  • To develop each student toward academic excellence and Spiritual maturity.
  • To provide sound theological education with balanced emphasis on theological knowledge and its practical application in the life and ministry of the church.
  • To seek and maintain a sense of unity and co-operation amongst local churches and congregation, for effective and meaningful witness within our own environment and cultural context.
  • To strengthen the theological base as it relates to academic discipline and holistic understanding of the ministry.
  • To guide and assist students to grasp the full implication of Jesus’ ministry and His commission to disciple the whole nations in its totality.